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Hello Fellow Covid -19 Quarantiners

Today I want to give you a little encouragement on something to do while you are stuck in the house.   Remember all those boxes of photos you put in boxes in the attic, garage or closet …. Well now is a good time to start to sort through them and get them organized to transfer those memories to digital.

In the following days I will give a step by step method of how to get this task done without pulling out your hair or kicking the kids.   

Ready …. 

Step 1 gather up your supplies

Small boxes  ( Amazon Prime Boxes work well)

Zippered bags  Any clear bag that can be sealed

Magic Marker 

notebook with a pencil or pen.

gather all boxes of photos in one space.


Hello world!

Hello  and  Welcome to the New Web home of

                 The Memory Tree

Where your memories are preserved for years to come.

email questions maybe directed to….

or call 832-220-8034

Thank You for your interest

Dianne Glenn